" I really enjoy the environment and the attention and support we receive from the trainers. They are fantastic and really put in the time to help you, when you are stuck and confused in your assignments. AITT has been very co-operative and the experience during the course is very comfortable. "

Rena from Indonesia 4

Student Support

Student Support including Welfare and Guidance Services

The counselling and support facility provided by AITT is at no cost to the student.

Australian Institute of Technical Training Pty Ltd. provides a range of services to support both local and international students during their studies and time at the Institute. The Admissions Department offers personal and friendly assistance to students in many areas including an orientation program that assists students to settle into Australian life and their studies at AITT.

Student Facilities

Services available to students include:

  • Orientation
  • Counselling
  • Airport Pickup
  • Cultural Adjustment
  • Student Accommodation
  • Language & Literacy Support
  • Job Placement Assistance

The Admissions Department at Australian Institute of Technical Training can help students with:

  • Application and enrolment
  • Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Career advice

To ensure you have right access to Student Support Team, please contact following designated staff:
Student  Support Officers
Karan  - 96201100  -   support@aitt.vic.edu.au
Nelisha -   96201100 - info@aitt.vic.edu.au
Pardeep   - 96201100  -  admin@aitt.vic.edu.au
Bonnie   - 96201100  -  accounts@aitt.vic.edu.au
Meher   - 96201100  -  agents@aitt.vic.edu.au
Sanjaya   - 96201100  -  cdo@aitt.vic.edu.au
Tiffany - 96201100 - admissions@aitt.vic.edu.au
Simmie – 96201100 - enquiries@aitt.vic.edu.au
Rai – 96201100 -  helpdesk@aitt.vic.edu.au
Yong – 96201100 -  yong@aitt.vic.edu.au
Rai – 96201100 -  helpdesk@aitt.vic.edu.au
Anna – 96201100 -  domestic@aitt.vic.edu.au
Waqas – 96201100 -  domestic2@aitt.vic.edu.au

Nominated Student Support Officers
Sandeep Sidhu  -  Registrar - 96201100 S.sidhu@aitt.vic.edu.au

Student Counselling At AITT Campus
Tony Doss - Student Welfare Officer -96201100 - Tony.doss@aitt.vic.edu.au
Contact reception to make an appointment
** By Appointment only (at no cost to student)
English Language Support Teacher at AITT
Amar and Melinda - 96201100 - eal3@aitt.vic.edu.au